Iphone Photographer

This post is in reaction of “Instagram joins the brownie as the next photography Disruptor” (by A PHOTO EDITOR April 16,2012)

I am guilty as charged!!  I have a nice camera, the expensive software and the knowledge to create a beautiful photo.  But why do I have : Instagram, Photoshop lite, Pic say, Funny Kids cam and photo funia apps on my phone?!

I can tell you exactly why, because A.) They are free.  B.) They download in seconds C.)I don’t carry my DSLR around with me everywhere I go.

But after reading “Instragram joins the brownie as the next photography disruptor” article I immediately downloaded instragram to see what everyone is so upset about. Let me just say after signing up and finding some people to follow, I came across a gentlemen that lives in california who summed him self up in two words…

“Iphone Photographer”


I just imagined myself at an elegant wedding holding my smart phone and being the wedding photographer, and that’s when it hit me. Technology is so rapidly changing that the little people who are trying to make a name for themselves are being completely over shadowed. I cannot tell you how many times where I am setting up my shots exactly how I want them just to have a naive iphone photographer literally over my shoulder taking pictures with me. I reassure my self that they wont have the correct angle, cropping and pixels to actually print their photos out.  But is it right around the corner?

“We have also have entered the area of the disposable image. Shoot, beautify, share and forget. Repeat. Hundreds, thousands, millions of time. Because it is so simple and easy, we can photograph leisurely, for free, with no worries whatsoever. It’s the era of the instantaneous image, not only because it is easy to take but also because it is easy to share. It’s the fast food of photography. Fast, cheap, appealing, and easily forgotten.” Paul Melcher’s Selection | La Lettre de la photographie

What would you do if you hired a “professional photographer” and he or she showed up with their iphone with an instagram app?


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